We help leaseholders buy their freeholds.

For any leaseholder, buying a share of freehold of their flat is the start of a process which can seem both exciting and overwhelming.

To start with, the process can not be completed individually. It’s a collaborative effort which needs the agreement of up to half of other leaseholders in the building, no matter its size.

Once there is agreement from other leaseholders, the same group then needs to negotiate with the landlord and navigate their way through the legalities associated with purchasing a freehold.

Thankfully, we can help with the whole purchasing spectrum: from communicating with leaseholders, to signing the ownership agreement.

At The Freehold Collective, we’ve been there, done it and won it. Our founder and CEO, Mike Somekh, oversaw his own freehold acquisition 12 years ago which was what led to him establishing his own business to help others attain their freeholds in a stress-free, straightforward process.

Who do we help?

  • Leaseholders of any residential building looking to purchase a share of their freehold

  • Collective leaseholder groups who are in the process of, or have taken ownership of, their freehold

We are the freehold purchase experts

Looking to purchase your freehold?

How do we help?

  1. We recruit fellow leaseholders on your behalf through engagement and communication

  2. We analyse your freehold and organise the paperwork needed to make your freehold acquisition as successful as possible

  3. We handle the preparation required for the acquisition by leveraging a team who are able to mitigate the uncertainties of the negotiation process

  4. Once you own your share of the freehold, we supply expertise and advice to ensure you, as a collective group, to help you get the most out of your freehold ownership

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Should you enlist help to purchase your freehold?

We’re biased, but our impartial advice is that when taking over a share of your freehold it’s best to seek advice from experienced professionals who understand the acquisition process.

Whilst the process of freehold ownership can seem straightforward, once proceedings are underway the acquisition stage particularly can contain a number of unforeseen variables that can greatly affect and change the successful outcome of a purchase.

That’s why we always recommend working alongside a team of experts who can guide you and your leaseholders through the process with insightful advice and industry knowledge, from initial conversation to successful completion.

Do you need help buying the freehold of your building?

We’d love to hear from you. We can help with any aspect of your freehold acquisition, from initial conversations with leaseholders to leaseholders to contentious negotiation. Tell us what you need help with here.