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The Freehold Collective is a unique partnership dedicated to assisting apartment owners in acquiring the Freehold of their building in a stress-free manner. Our expert, end-to-end service allows you to reap all the benefits for the best value for money in the market.

Acquiring a freehold can be beneficial for a number of reasons, and our tried-and-tested acquisition process has allowed our clients to enjoy its rewards. In particular, if you have concerns about your lease length, believe your ground rent is too expensive or want to take control of your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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What's Our Story?

The concept for The Freehold Collective was initiated when Mike, the founder, led a collective enfranchisement claim in Barrie House, his own apartment building. Mike soon found that, despite being interested in property his whole life, he knew so little about his rights, the challenges, the process and the pitfalls as well as the true value in getting his freehold.

Following a highly contested, though successful, freehold purchase, Mike acquired the freehold for his own building. Due to the difficulty of the acquisition, but the significant benefits that this process provided him, Mike set up The Freehold Collective with the aim to act as the person he wished had guided him in his first endeavour.

The Freehold Collective team now boasts over 30 successful projects across the country, mentoring leaseholders in all spheres, from Right to Manage claims to Freehold purchases.

The TFC Freehold Purchasing Process

The journey to purchasing your freehold starts with consulting us. At the Freehold Collective we’re project managers that have been there and done that. Our founder, Mike, undertook his first freehold acquisition when he became disenchanted with how his building was being run. Building on Mike’s personal experience, we crafted a tried, tested and honed process that guarantees success for other freehold purchasers. It looks a bit like this:


Inception is the most important phase in our service. It sets up your entire Freehold Acquisition. As part of our inception service, we communicate, engage and recruit your neighbours and then organise them into a group, which often takes the form of a company. We then analyse the value of your Freehold, and begin our proven groundwork for a successful Freehold Acquisition.


In the acquisition phase, we negotiate with freeholders. Our expertise tells us that the acquisition phase is the most unpredictable of all as it depends on several variables, such as the Freeholder’s approach to negotiations. Here, our services provide assistance with those negotiations through a meticulous and dedicated approach that ensures you will be successful in not only acquiring your Freehold, but acquiring it at a fair market price or less.


Finally, in our ownership phase, which is where some Freeholders can feel out on their own and unsure of where to start. We prevent that by offering our consultation service. Not only will you have your share of Freehold and 999 modernised leases, you’ll have our help to structure your group in a way that maximises the potential of your Freehold. Afterwards, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your homes and investments long into the future.

Our Team

We are a small and dedicated team, committed to providing a bespoke, personal approach to freehold acquisition. We understand that the purchase of every freehold can be a very different process, and we tailor our approach to each situation.

The team lead in action
Mike Somekh


John Henderson, Senior Account Manager
John Henderson


one of the freehold team members
Louise Ross


Iris Plaut


Robert Aveiro



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We’d love to hear from you. Send us a brief message on any leasehold or freehold matter, and we’ll be in touch to book your free initial consultation.

Our free, no obligation, consultation will include:

  • A brief review of the Land Registry information relating to a flat or building
  • A discussion around the specific problems faced by a leaseholders
  • Feedback based on our review Land Registry records and other information relating to your specific flat or building
  • Advice on your options, pros and cons of the the best way to solve your problems and realise additional long term benefits of your property