Our Approach

Our unique freehold approach stems from our own journey as leaseholders who’ve successfully purchased our freeholds, guiding others to do the same. Utilising our bespoke, tried-and-tested methods, we ensure you’re not starting from scratch. We customise our support based on your specific situation and goals, acknowledging that each freehold acquisition is distinct.

The Basis of Our Freehold Approach

Our expertise spans from evaluating your leasehold property, including houses and flats, to advising on lease extensions and understanding the intricacies of your existing lease.

We’re here to clarify the valuation fees, enhance your property’s value, and guide you towards outright ownership, all while managing the complexities of leasehold enfranchisement. Working closely with managing agents, we aim to cap ground rents and ensure your property reverts to you, saving you considerable time and money. By redefining the process of freehold acquisition, we spare you the hassle, making the journey to ownership smoother and more beneficial.


The inception is the key step in our process, preparing the ground for your freehold acquisition. We’ll talk to and unite your neighbours, forming a collective, often as a formal company. Next, we assess your freehold’s value and set our tried-and-tested strategy for a successful purchase in motion.

This stage considers your current lease, the freehold property’s worth, and all related costs, including legal fees. We’ll address the shift from leasehold to freehold ownership, focusing on ground rent payments, the implications of ground rents, and the involvement of a management company throughout the process.


In the acquisition phase, our negotiations with freeholders are pivotal, influenced by factors like the freeholder’s negotiation strategy and the property’s value. Our services meticulously assist in these negotiations, ensuring a successful acquisition of your Freehold at a just purchase price. We delve into the details of the lease document, advocating for terms that reflect the Law Commission’s recommendations for fairer leasehold practices. Our involvement extends to liaising with managing agents and addressing issues related to service charges that impact the overall value and cost of the acquisition.

We provide expert advice on lease extensions, a crucial aspect for enhancing property value and securing a favourable purchase price. Our dedicated approach aims to navigate the complexities of leasehold acquisition, ensuring you are well-informed and supported at every step towards securing your Freehold under equitable terms.


Finally, in our ownership phase, we offer our consultation service. Not only will you have your share of Freehold and 999 modernised leases, you’ll have our help to structure your group in a way that maximises the potential of your Freehold. Afterwards, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your homes and investments long into the future.

In property ownership, navigating the complexities of shared ownership, leasehold ownership, and managing a leasehold house or other leasehold properties becomes significantly simpler with a stake in a freehold property. This blend of ownership models offers a versatile approach to property investment and living arrangements, ensuring individuals can find a balance that suits their needs and aspirations.

Past Freehold Projects

Explore Our Case Studies to see how we’ve successfully supported leaseholders in their journey to freehold purchase. Delve into real-life examples of our strategic guidance and the tangible benefits our clients have gained in securing their property’s freehold.


Explore Our Case Studies

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