Project manager of the year award

The Freehold Collective Wins Project Manager of the Year 2022

The Freehold Collective, a partnership dedicated to helping leaseholders acquire the Freehold of their building, has been recognised as the winner of a brand new award, Project Manager of the Year, at the prestigious Enfranchisement & Right to Manage Awards.

The Freehold Collective, founded by Mike Somekh, is equipped to handle a range of different leasehold and freehold challenges. From handling Freehold Acquisitions and Right to Manage claims to managing complex lease extensions, The Freehold Collective ensures every step in the process is as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

Their approach has continually proven to be fruitful, helping over 600 leaseholders nationwide regain control over their properties. Upon the 13th year of the ERMAs, their hard work was recognised with the award of Project Manager of the Year. The Freehold Collective’s success has positioned them to help others recognise the value of securing their Freehold and educate them on their rights while assisting with the processes and challenges involved in doing so.

Regarding their recent win, TFC founder Mike Somekh is quoted as having said the following:

Winning the Project Manager of the Year award at the ERMAS is more than just a proud moment for me and The Freehold Collective – it is recognition of our success in empowering hundreds of people and acknowledgement of the vital role that Project Management plays in the complex world of Leasehold and Freehold

The Freehold Collective was founded on the principle of providing the assistance, wisdom and support that Mike Somekh wished that he had while leading the acquisition on the Freehold of his own building. Due to the highly contested, yet successful acquisition he had experienced, he set out to ensure that other people would achieve success as he did, with a very experienced guide to help them on their way. Mike has since shepherded hundreds of leaseholders in becoming masters of their own destiny.

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